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A look into the Minnesota Vikings uniforms and color evolution

Purple and gold, they are not just colors. They are passion. Purple was really a unique color. It is passionate color. And for decades the Vikings have owned the color purple.
As the newest NFL team in 1961 the Vikings purple made it a bold statement. They needed an identity as an expansion franchise it is known it was going to take them some lean years to get started. The team also added secondary color to reflect the Minnesota rich heritage. Because of the Scandinavian connection in that community they adopted the gold colors and use the long flowing of the Vikings so they really built on that whole ethnic heritage that was in that community. I honestly think there fans think the Vikings who came from Scandinavia to American were wearing the color purple and gold.
In the early days the team even experimented with purple pants i.e. mid 1960's. So when the Vikings went to purple pants it was so okay I would say. A match with visiting lions who had same color raw white jersey. Both teams struggled through the game, it was the hardest in the NFL. Because of the confusion it caused the Vikings starred a purple jersey in the next game and until more than 43 years later they got parade it.
The color purple is so hard to duplicate across different materials. It wasn't merely that the purple was on the Vikings helmet did not match the purple on the jersey, it was the different sections of the jersey did not match. Since the very beginning the team has stayed true to their colors and unanimously unique style. The use of purple by Minnesota Vikings is a fantastic choice in the early 60's and it has remained a fantastic choice ever since.

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